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First check review: Limitless Hextron Sub Ohm Tank

All the signs are there. LMC looks like it is going to fulfil its potential by exploring the Tank market at just the right time. This American-based company has achieved many things in the last two years, but perhaps the most noteworthy is that it has played a unique role in the Box Mod market and the well-acclaimed Limitless RDTA tank released last year is the twin success of this.

This summer, launched at a competitive price of around $35, Limitless Mod Company(LMC)’s latest dark horse – Hextron Sub Ohm Tank, looks set to take the market by a storm.Let’s take a look.

This tank is a robust engine that stimulates and interacts with dynamics of any type of e-liquids to let Vaper cover the room with tremendous clouds of vapor in just one simple hit.
When you disassemble Hextron Tank, there are 4 parts: a drip tip, a filling cap connected with Glass juice reservoir, a stainless-steel chamber with inbuilt 0.5ohm cores and a bottom deck with air adjusting ring.

All parts are separated independently for convenient assemble, dismantle, and cleaning.

More details about this Limitless Hextron Sub Ohm Tank>>
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limitless arms race partner- reactor tank coming

Hello vapors!

Believe you are ready to get a partner for your limitless arms race, yes, you can have it!

Limitless reactor Tank coming!
A new version you will like, see the sample we have~

Stainless steel construction
Adjustable bottom airflow control system
Top-fill design with removable mouthpiece
Threaded chuf cap for top fill access
Gold plated comtact pin
0.5ohm coil with integrated bottom airflow

It is wisely to take one, it must have a good market!
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Preview: Vaporesso Revenger 220W Kit with NRG Tank!

Hello vapors!

Vaporesso Revenger 220W Kit with NRG Tank coming soon on AVE40

Here bring you the preview, hope you will like~~

The Revenger kit is the latest game changer from Vaporesso and is a amzing and fashionable design that brings users top power possibility. The Revenger mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries and has a distinctive battery equalizing charge system and a 2.5A quick charge feature for added convenience.

The typical Vaporesso spirit is still there – the design is polite and simple, very modern very chic. It will come with 3 colors – Blue, Black, and Red. In the hand, the premium look of the leather sticker is going to translate into premium feel. Besides, the 5ml NRG tank will also have three corresponding colors.

Thanks to the latest updated OMINI BOARD2.0, Revenger kit is loaded with most of the necessary modes. You can switch between 5 modes - VT (Ni200, SS, Ti), TCR (M1, M2), RCT, CCW, CCT and BYPASS mode by pressing the fire button 3 times and you will enter into the main menu. And the one-key off for the smart mode is also very welcome on this devices!

The paired NRG atomizer comes in either 5 mL or 2 ml (to in line with the EU’s TPD regulations) capacities. 5 mL Juice capacity is surely designed for the power-hungry vapers and the perfect starter kit for users looking to take their vaping up a notch.

The slide-n-fill top fill system for maximum simplicity, which offers a no-leaking solution. To fill the other atomizer, you need to unscrew the top cap and inject the e-liquid into the side holes from the top While the NRG tank adopts a slide-n-fill design so you don't need to unscrew any parts anymore to refill your e-Liquid due to this convenient and straightforward design.

We are exciting to see this one out and into the market in the months ahead and you also can pre-order on of these on Ave40 at around $85 with discount up to 20% off.

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What‘s the risk of smoking in human body?

What is the risk of smoking to the human body? For many old smokers, would rather eat a meal, but also can not smoke a cigarette. In fact, smoking great harm to the human body, in addition to often said that led to lung cancer, there are many hazards of smoking.

What is the risk of smoking to the human body?
What is the risk of smoking on the human body - smoking to reduce life expectancy

The data show that the average smoking per person will shorten the life of 11 minutes, of course, this figure is not necessarily accurate, but one thing is certain that non-smokers than long life to smokers

What is the risk of smoking to the human body - affects the quality of sleep

A recent survey shows that smokers sleep less time than non-smokers, and sleep quality is also poor. Poor quality of sleep will not only make people in the wake of the mental state after the poor, if the habit of poor quality of sleep, but also produce obesity, diabetes and other issues.

What are the effects of smoking on the human body - affect fertility

do you know? Long-term smokers have lower sperm fertility than low-smokers by at least 75%. This is mainly cigarettes nicotine in mischief, because sperm can recognize nicotine, and its reaction, over time will let fertilization capacity decline.

What is the risk of smoking to the human body - induced cardiovascular disease

According to the study, smokers with coronary heart disease, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease incidence was significantly higher than non-smokers, smoking will make vascular endothelial dysfunction, thrombosis increased, inflammatory response and oxidative modification.

What is the risk of smoking to the human body - leading to osteoporosis

Do you still have osteoporosis? Yes, smoking can indeed lead to osteoporosis, the principle of nicotine in tobacco can affect the absorption of calcium, nicotine inhibition of osteoblasts, stimulate osteoclast activity.

So the danger of smoke can not be underestimated, medical research shows that electronic cigarettes may cause after 1997, due to smoking caused by the death toll related diseases decreased by 21%, I suggest you use electronic cigarette smoking cessation. so i highly recommend you to choose e-cigarette on www.ave40.com, which is Committed to to a health vaping style.
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who do not suit to use vaping tool?

Electronic cigarette used in the main components:
The main components of smoke oil are:
Propylene glycol (referred to as PG, edible, FDA certified safety)
Vegetable glycerin (referred to as VG, FDA certified safety)
Nicotine (commonly known as nicotine)
Edible flavor
Most of the smoke for the VG + PG in proportion to mix, learn from each other. And for the special population, a few pure VG smoke oil (non-special population, not recommended pure VG. In addition, a little sweet no smoke oil for the pure PG, that is, pure propylene glycol, the human body is not good, with caution!).
VG is an acronym for English vegetable glycerin
Since VG is extracted from plants, many users of electronic cigarettes think VG is healthier. VG traits are viscous, larger than the weight, resulting in large smoke. Like VG people think VG pumping up the throat comfortable, some people did not feel. VG is less stimulating and allergic than PG. VG is naturally sweet, and some users think it is so good, no longer add sweet taste to sweet taste of smoke. VG's sweetness is not from the sweetener or sugar in the essence, but the taste of VG itself, which is better. However, some users feel that VG's sweetness is too large, overshadowed the taste of the smoke itself.
PG has been identified as a safe food additive by the FDA
However, the reaction from the user of the electronic cigarette, some users in the use of PG containing smoke after the emergence of allergies and other adverse reactions. Allergies are big and small, light throat uncomfortable, severe body itching, and accompanied by dizziness, nausea symptoms. If there is an allergic reaction, these people because of the selection of pure VG smoke oil.

VG advantages
(1), smoke big
(2), health, allergic reactions less
(3), natural sweetness
(4), throat comfortable
VG Disadvantages
(1), smoke oil sticky, easy to guide oil
(2), hit the throat is poor
(3), sweetness may be covered with scent
(4), with dry mouth and sputum
PG advantages
(1), easy to mix flavors
(2), hit a strong sense of larynx
(3), smoke oil with good oil
PG defects
(1), although the FDA finds safety, but there are still adverse reactions reported
(2), smoke oil need to add sweeteners to increase sweetness

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【IN STOCK】Vaporesso Revenger 220W Kit with NRG Tank

Dear all,
Happy weekend~~
Today i bring the new coming of Vaporesso Revenger 220W Kit with NRG Tank on ave40

This Vaporesso Revenger which is an 220W output power revenger MOD and 5ml capacity NRG tank. Massive 0.96-inch screen and 2A quick charging system upgrades your vaping experience to a new stage. The RCT function offers a precise way to know the charging time. NRG tank, which features the innovative interchangeable GT core and slide-n-fill design, will bring a pure flavor and an easy operation to you. Revenger and NRG tank is a great combination to provide a superb vaping experience. 3 colors for your selection.


also with many best features:
Compact, stylish and powerful
Huge 0.96-Inch OLED screen
2A quick charge capability
Replaceable 18650 battery
Convenient slide-n-fill top fill system

Want to know more details?
Appreciate you to visit on www.ave40.com
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